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Sunday, March 3, 2013

High School Built in 1924

The following article is from January 3, 1924 Times Republican:
Corydon's beautiful new High School building is nearing completion and will soon be ready for occupancy. The building is three full stories in height, one hundred thirty-six feet in length by sixty-six feet in width. It is built of cherry-vale mat brick laid in white mortar and certainly makes a handsome appearance.

The first floor which is in reality the basement is occupied by the Gymnasium and Shower Baths. A feature of the Gymnasium is the spring floor composed of maple wood under laid with layers of felt. Bleachers will be placed around this room while the surrounding balcony will be furnished with folding chairs.

On the second or ground floor will be found the Assembly Room, the Domestic Science, Manual Training Departments and teachers rest room, as well as several recitation rooms.

The office of the Superintendent, board of Education, and the Music Supervisor, besides the spacious Auditorium are found on the third floor.

The Auditorium will have a seating capacity of  approximately five hundred and in it will be held all entertainments to be given by our schools. About one thousand dollars worth of scenery has been provided for the stage settings, thus giving the patrons of our high school plays the benefit of such scenic features as can seldom be found outside of such cities as Des Moines.

To the pupils this magnificent Auditorium will be an inspiration to high endeavors and the community may rest assured that it will witness productions of real merit in the dramatic entertainments to be provided by the high school.

The decoration of the auditorium is a delicate cream color bordered by a Grecian Lotus design which extends to the stage. 

Probably the most remarkable feature in the equipment of the building is the clock which is of Standard Electric design. This is a timepiece which is almost human in its various contrivances. It not only keeps the time and indicates it in every room of the building, even to the furnace room, but it also rings bells for calling to school  tardy bells, recitation bells. It stops at four o'clock on Friday afternoon and starts at eight forty-five o'clock Monday morning. With its many bells added to the bells on the faculty and the belles among the student body the town will have more bells than ever before in its history, even though it has always been noted for belles.

The plumbing and heating system were installed by the Bailey Plumbing and Heating Company of Des Moines. The lighting system was installed by the Electric Equipment Company of Des Moines. 

The contract for construction of the building was let to Hannon and Rogers of Newton, Iowa.

Too much cannot be said in commendation of the School Board upon whom has rested the responsibility of spending the large sum of money necessary for the erection of this building.

When the bonds were voted and sold and it was found that the building could not be erected with the money provided they wisely decided to with-hold the letting. The wisdom of this course has been demonstrated by the fact that the present contract calls for about forty thousand dollars less than low bid at the first offering.

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