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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recycling an Old School

When this old Corydon school was torn down, the brick was salvaged and used for three new building projects. According to a retrospective photo and article in The Times Republican back in December, 1974:

This is the brick that built a tunnel, a campanile and a gymnasium for the Seymour school.

The school building pictured above, before 1913, was Corydon's elementary building and was once its high school as well. It was razed in the 30's by W.P.A. labor (Work Projects Administration). The heating plant, located in a separate building, furnished steam heat for the building above and for a second school building. 

Brick from the razed structure was used to build a heating tunnel from the then near new high school building to what was to become Corydon's grade school and a campanile to house the old school bell. Most of the remaining brick was given to Seymour for a gymnasium.

Times Republican, December 26, 1974

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  1. Fascinating! So I walked through a tunnel built from the bricks of this building! I can only imagine seeing this grandiose structure in person!